Project Production Control

Maximizing return on capital investment remains elusive for many companies, impacting financial performance and shareholder value. At the root of the issue is overreliance on functional project management and underinvestment in managing the execution of work.

Unlike conventional project management functions that focus on reporting and forecasting, SPS Project Production Control solutions enable effective management of variability and use of resources resulting in enhanced quality, better control of cost and time and reduced risk of EH&S incidents.


Energy companies must efficiently find, extract and process sources of energy, from the delivery and maintenance of wells and offshore platforms to the engineering and construction of associated processing and distribution facilities. Through the use of our solutions, our customers reduce the risk of safety incidents, enhance quality, increase throughput and better control cost and time.

Our Production Control solutions enable energy companies to more effectively deliver critical capital projects, manage field development, including better control of the well delivery process, and more efficiently execute turnarounds and maintenance operations.


Manufacturing and processing companies must continuously upgrade their production facilities to produce new products, optimize and maintain capacity and conform to regulatory requirements. From complex expansions to critical projects such as automotive plant line conversions, semiconductor tooling change-outs and processing plant turnarounds, our Production Control solutions enable our customers to better control time to market, reduce the risk of cost and schedule overruns and mitigate environmental, health, safety and security incidents.


Building and maintaining civil infrastructure is fundamental to sustaining a productive society. Civil infrastructure provides the means to educate citizens, deliver healthcare and ensure security. It makes water safe, energy readily available and transportation efficient. Unfortunately, regardless of its criticality to society, civil infrastructure projects all too often do not meet intended objectives. The issue has become so serious that required investment is now unable to keep pace with the needs of many governments and communities.

Through the use of SPS Production Control solutions, our customers have been able to deliver complex and critical hospital, transportation and utility projects within cost, schedule and quality objectives without experiencing claims.


Founded in 2000, SPS has enabled customers to effectively deliver some of the world’s most critical projects, from vast energy field developments to complex industrial facilities and major civil engineering works. We do this through the application of our Production Control solutions enabled by SPS|Production Manager - our proprietary suite of software tools.


Roberto J. Arbulu

Roberto J. Arbulu

Senior Vice President Technical Services

Arbulu has over twenty years of experience in the delivery and optimization of major capital projects in the oil and gas, mining, industrial and civil infrastructure sectors. He has authored several papers that have been published in various trade journals and presented at conferences around the world including being a lead instructor for the Stanford CIFE / SPS VDC Certificate program. Roberto earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru. He also holds masters degree in Construction Engineering and Management from the University of California, Berkeley.

H.J. James Choo, PhD

H.J. James Choo, PhD

Chief Technical Officer

Choo has over twenty years of experience in research, development and implementation of solutions for optimizing the delivery of complex and critical capital projects. He has published numerous papers on the subject in various technical journals, which have been presented at global conferences and are regularly cited by other authors. James earned an M.S. in Civil Engineering from Yonsei University, Korea, and a PhD in Construction Engineering & Management from the University of California at Berkeley.

Jim Richardson

Jim Richardson

Senior Vice President Solutions

Richardson brings twenty-six years of leadership experience in the oil and gas industry, including twenty-two years with a US supermajor covering drilling and completions, field development, capital projects and production operations in the UK North Sea, North America, Africa and Papua New Guinea. He has operated in an advisory capacity to board level executives in industry leading super majors and emerging North American onshore operators and has been involved directly in advising and leading major capital projects for over fifteen years. He holds a B.Eng. in Mining and Petroleum Engineering from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland.

Todd R. Zabelle

Todd R. Zabelle

Founder & CEO

Zabelle has more than thirty years of experience in the delivery of complex and critical capital projects. He was the founder and president of Pacific Contracting, an equity partner in the Lean Construction Institute (LCI), and founder of the Project Production Institute (PPI).